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This is where it all begins. Whether it's your dream vacation ... or the start of life for two, with your wedding on the banks of the Mondego River. Quinta do Moinho is a place of dreams and fulfillment...

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Video Promocional da Quinta do Moinho:

Quinta do Moinho is a tourism complex, which started its activity in the  summer of 2008, with the nature tourism aspect, is bathed by the Mondego River on two of its banks. This space preserves the rustic architecture inserted in a natural landscape surrounding, taking advantage of the beauty of the vegetation and centenary trees by the river, as can be seen in general, in the following images of the whole surroundings of Quinta do Moinho. 

The property is bathed in two of its banks, where there are two reservoirs that are, in fact, the ex-libris of the place, considered completely natural pools that nature has traced over time. They were built many years ago, arising from the need to use water for the mill and to control the water level. Dam 1 is next to the lawn, 10 meters from Casa do Rio, which has a magnificent landscape. 

Dam 2, is a little higher than the area of ​​the houses. It is a fantastic area for relaxation, where you can only hear the water stream and the birds chirping, that in this place there are the most varied species. It is a place adapted for those who like to explore the rivers and go up or down its bank. 

There is also a watermill, where the water flow was used to obtain a natural swimming pool, thinking about the children and the tranquility of their parents. Along with the houses that have been rebuilt over two years, this magnificent space has been formed for both its exterior and interior well-being. 

Not only in summer is pleasant due to temperatures and water of course. In winter the beauty of this place is equally complete. With a good coat, walking along the banks and seeing the strength of the current, and seeing in December and January, the river with its frozen surface, takes us in childhood dreams conveying an endless peace. 

An ancient landmark of special interest is a chicken house with its granite walls in sight and supporting the entire stone structure of the roof, the floor is in granite slabs. It was a precious hiding place for chickens who wanted to escape from the foxes!